Helping Others Is Time Well Spent

You’ve heard me say that my community taught us at a very young age to take care of one another. Volunteering as a firefighter at 17 was only the beginning. Today, I’m honored to be serving my greater community through the MDRT Foundation and was appointed as its fifty-fifth president. 

MDRT is a member-driven organization whose purpose is to provide grants for deserving organizations, ranging from children’s health to water access in third-world countries. I look forward to bringing more members into the fold who share our enthusiasm for helping others and growing the mission.

If you’re like me, you’re getting as much out of volunteering as you’re giving. Focusing on helping others was not only a strongly supported tradition in my neighborhood, but it became a way for me to reconnect with something positive. Being a source of support is what motivated me to choose my career path, it’s what allows me to connect with the community through volunteering, and it’s how I love to nurture my friendships. 

You’ve heard the phrase “pay it forward” when people talk about helping others. I think there’s very little paying going on when you consider how good it feels to genuinely help someone. Sure, we give our time and resources, but it’s no secret that there’s a lot of receiving going on as well. Given all that’s happening around the world, I hope you’ve found time to lend a hand or an ear to someone who needs it. I can say from experience that it’s time well spent.

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