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Brian tells the unvarnished, highly detailed account of the most terrible, shocking moment in his life, how he confronted it, and how—against huge odds—he got beyond it.

Universally relatable and inspiring, Brian has audiences learning from his excruciating journey that helped him get beyond the mask.

Everyone has the potential to get past their own metaphorical mask in life. No matter how big or small, challenges make you mentally stronger. Resilience is a life skill and leadership quality that everyone should cultivate. How do you cultivate this skill?

Brian helps audiences explore critical steps in his journey that fueled his personal and professional success.

Reflecting on the life he has led since the fire, Brian truly believes it might not have been as fulfilling or examined without that horrific event. His story is undeniably dramatic—allowing audiences to feel something deep and traumatic, and benefit from the hard-won wisdom that came from it…wisdom that anyone can apply to their own life.

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